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Sandstone is a natural sedimentary rock, it has a timeless beauty that is captured whenever and wherever it is used. This stone can be incorporated into many landscaping applications and it is a versatile and stylish design solution for any commercial gardening project.

Types of applications sandstone is used for in landscaping design are:

  • Sandstone retaining walls
  • Sandstone walls
  • Paving and edging
  • Customised and shaped pool copping
  • Letter boxes
  • Cladding and capping
  • Garden beds
  • Block work

This stone comes in a variety of colours from white to traditional brown; no two pieces of sandstone are the same with each block being individually unique.

This stone can be directly attached to already existing foundations. It will add value to your property and will be seen as an attractive feature for you new landscaped area, a truly beautiful design concept.