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These attractive features can be built to great heights for commercial premises.

Retaining walls are an innovative way to create separate landscaped areas in your garden. But more importantly they provide effective solutions for erosion problems and help to create embankment stability.

Materials used to build retaining walls can include:

  • Stone - this building product has been used since the beginning of time. It is very durable lasting for many years and can be used for decorative or structural purposes. Stone retainers can be built as a wet or dry structure. When built wet they are held together with mortar etc. and they are best used for structural purposes. The dry wall is fitted together without using any fixtures, this is best when creating decorative styles.
  • Timber - this tends to deteriorate slowly over time, but the effect it has when incorporated into your landscaped garden is beautiful. The timber will need to be treated for strengthening and lasting purposes.
  • Brick - these are strong and durable. However when building with smaller bricks the foundations need to be layed correctly from the start as any movement of the wall will create damage. Larger blocks have interlocking qualities which help create strength.

Construction of your wall can be as either a straight horizontal line or built with curved blocks to create a curved design. They can be built vertically up and down or terraced. Terraced styles are an attractive and popular landscaping feature. Properly built, retainers are structurally sound and will last a lifetime, they require low maintenance providing you with an easy care landscaping solution.

With so many design choices to choose from, our landscapers are able to design a wall to suit your garden landscaping style.